7 Birthday Traditions From Different Countries

The Western custom of celebrating birthday has caught on in most parts of the world. This idea however has not been the tradition that people all over the world have practiced. If you are wondering, here are few of the traditions from different countries that greet birthday celebrators:

Canada: Nose Grease

According to some Atlantic Canadians, girls and boys who celebrated their birthdays will be ambushed and will have their noses greased with butter to ward off bad luck. It is also believed that the butter brought good luck to the person.

Ireland: Hit the Deck

In Ireland, a child is held upside down and is “bumped” on the floor, once every year of their age and one for good luck.

China: Long Noodles

In China, birthdays should be celebrated with a dish made of long noodles. The celebrant should slurp it as fast and far as possible before biting. This is believed to bring longevity to the person.

Jamaica: Anttiquing

Birthday celebrants in Jamaica are doused with flour by friends or family. This could be done either as part of a program or in an ambush.

Germany: Sweeping the Streets of City Hall

Upon reaching their 30th year, single men in Germany would sweep the steps of their local city hall as their friends toss rubble onto them. This is meant to be done until the man is able to plant on a passing woman.

Vietnam: New Year Greeting

Everyone in Vietnam celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day. This tradition is because in their country, the actual year is not acknowledged.

Mexico: Piñata

In Mexico, biirthday celebrants would have an animal shaped paper mache that is filled with candy. The kid will be blindfolded and handed a broomstick. He will hit the paper mache until the candies fell. These will be shared among the kids who came to the party.

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