April: History and Other Facts

April is almost coming to an end but while the days are numbered, the excitement of many birthday celebrators never wane. Get to know the month of April based on its history:

When people used the Roman calendar, April was the second month of the year. January and February were later added in 700 BC.

It is thought that the name April was derived from the Latin word “to open” because it also marks the start of spring, when flowers and leaves start growing. Others also theorize that it came from the name of Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Before it became April, it was called by other names:

Saxon: Eosturmonath or the Easter month

Roman: Aprilis

Germanic: Oster-mond

April is called different names in different countries:

French: Avril

Mandarin Chinese: Siyue

Italian: Aprile

Latin: Aprilis

Spanish: Abril

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