5 Traits of May Celebrators

Are you celebrating your birthday on May? Some people would say that people born this month are the jealous type but actually, there are other traits that make May celebrators unique, just like the following:

  1. They are self-motivated.

    They are quite mature when it comes to pushing themselves. The moment that they set their eyes on something, they will be persisten in putting all the efforts to get it. They may face set backs from time to time but this will not be enough to dampen their spirits.

  2. They attract attention and affection.

    They are naturally sensual and they attract the attention of many people all of the time. They like people surrounding and indulgin them with attention.

  3. They set realistic dreams.

    While many people choose to dream and be blinded by it, a lot of people would prefer that they will see things without rose-colored glasses. They seek for a brighter future but know that they need to work hard for it.

  4. Hardworking and strong-willed.

    These people believe that they need to do the job so that it will be done. They make good decisions and their more realistic approach makes these decisions more fruitful.

  5. Short-tempered.

    As much as they are awesome people, there are also bad traits to people who were born in May. The temperament may be short but it is the way they know how to handle situations best.

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