Sun Sign: Gemini

Are you celebrating your birthday towards the end of May? You must be a Gemini. In case you are wondering, here are some facts, traits, and other information about your sign:

Element: Air

Color: Yellow or Light-Green

Ruler: Mercury

Gemini Traits

A Gemini is gentle, curious, affectionate, has the ability to learn quickly and actively exchanges ideas. The bad thing though is that they can be nervous, indecisive, and inconsistent. They dislike being alone or being confined in a routine.

Geminis are quick-witted and expressive which is reflective of the differences of the “twin”- the sign of the zodiac. They can be sociable, fun, and communicative but may also become serious, restless, and thoughtful. They are fascinated with the world, are extremely curious, and has a constant feeling that the world has more adventures for them to uncover.

The Gemini has that childish innocence. They share a great bond with their best friends and relatives. They love to mend the differences between people and are highly engaged with conversations.

Gemini In Love

Geminis in-love find physical contact and communication as keys to enhancing the relationship. They may find a lot of lovers in their lives until they find the person who can match their intellect and energy. They will constantly seek for someone who can offer them excitement, passion, and variety. This lover, friend, and confidante, when they find him or her, would be treasured with their whole heart.

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