May Facts and Trivia

Are you celebrating your birthday soon? Your birthday month might have historical and other interesting details to it. Are you wondering what history holds for May? Here are some facts and trivia:

Trivia #1: Name

The month may be named after the Greek goddess Maia. She is identified with the Roman goddess of fertility Bona Dea whose festival is observed during May.

Trivia #2: A Different Gardening Ritual

On the first Saturday of May, people observe World Naked Gardening Day. During this, people are encouraged to tend to one part of their garden in their birthday suit.

Trivia #3: May and Japan

In Japan, where the school and fiscal year start on April 1st, there is a time considered “May sickness”. This is said to be the time when students and workers feel tired of their schoolworks or jobs.

Trivia #4: Tales About May

A character in Merchant’s Tale of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterburry Tales is May, a young woman who married a 60-year-old knight. This is said to represent her youth and the old age of her husband. She weds the knight but she ends up having an affair with his squirre.

Trivia #5: May and Mothers

Mothers feel extra special on the second Sunday of May as it is celebrated worldwide as Mother’s Day.

What other facts and trivia about the month of May do you know of? Share it with us.

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