6 Birthday Foods from All Over the World

If you thought that people always celebrated birthdays as grandly as they do now, then you are wrong. People from medieval Europe started the tradition of birthday parties because they believed that these would ward off evil spirits. Family members, friends and other guests who came to the parties came and bring presents as this is also believed to ward off the spirits.

But what good are festivities without food, right? In case you were wondering, here are some of the traditional foods that people from all over the world prepare for birthday parties:


In Australia, people who celebrate their birthdays would have a birthday cake with lit candles. They will make a wish before blowing the candles.


In England, the cake will have a symbolic object that foretells the future. If it has a coin for instance, the person is said to become wealthy someday.


Children who celebrate their birthdays will wake up to a fried patty from mashed sweet potato and eggs as their birthday breakfast. Their guests will have a dish made from plantain during the party.


A child who is celebrating his first birthday will be dressed and sat before some objects that include rice, fruit, money, and calligraphy brushes. The item that the child picks up will predict his future. Once the ceremony is over, the guests will have rice cakes.


The piñata, a paper mache with a shape of an animal is filled with candies, lollies, and other treats. The child will be blindfolded and will hit it until it breaks so all the kids could share and enjoy the treats.

Western Russia

The child celebrating his birthday will be given a fruit pie.

Have you been to a birthday party of someone from a different country? What birthday foods do they always have?

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